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Tumblin' Dice (2022)

Tumblin' Dice (2022)

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A New Edition of Tumblin' Dice! With updated player count, box art, color scheme, and board size. The board has been slimed down to fit in the footprint of our Deluxe Size boxes that we use for many other games.
Our Price: $99.99
1 - 6
20-30 minutes
Designer: Randy Nash

Availability: On the way! - Expected December 2022
Product Code: 102402
Pre-Order Coming Soon

Description Specifications
The current ETA to our US warehouse is December 14th. With delivery so close to the holidays Pre-Orders will open 2 weeks before it is available.

The Dice Flicking Game of Strategy! Tumblin' Dice is a great tabletop game that combines the skill of shuffleboard and the luck of dice for hours of fun for the whole family.


Each player chooses a set of dice.

All players take turns to slide, flick, and/or bump one of their dice down the boards, starting from the launch pad, aiming to land on the levels with the highest score multiplier.

The round ends once all players have launched all four of their dice. Any dice remaining on the board are scored; dice that fell off or were knocked off are ignored.

Each die is worth the number shown face up multiplied by the level it landed on. (i.e. a die that landed showing a 4 face-up on the 3x level is worth 12 points.). After scoring, players collect their dice and start a new round of play, going in order of most to least points.

The game ends after four rounds and the player with the most total points wins!
You can also play to a point total (e.g. 100) mutually agreed to at the start of the game.

The new box measures 390mm x 318mm x 48mm. The board width was reduced by 1 inch, .5 inch on each side. The play area length remains the same, 2.5 inch has been taken off of the launch pad over hang.

Tumblin' Dice Review - with Tom Vasel
The Dice Tower 24 Hour Marathon- Tumblin' Dice
  • • 1 Tumblin‘ Dice Board (assembly required)
    • 24 Dice (4 in each color. Blue, Green, Purple, Light Blue, Red, Yellow)

    You will also need a pencil and a sheet of paper (which are not provided).

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