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Escape Plan

Escape Plan

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1 - 5
12 and up
60-120 minutes
Designer: Vital Lacerda
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The bank job was a success – hey, you told them it would work. Now you and the rest of the crew are laying low until the heat cools down. Most of the cash is hidden away for safe-keeping and the rest has been laundered through various businesses around town. Everything’s going according to the plan until the cops get an anonymous tip. Accusations are made, fingers are pointed, and after a heated argument, you decide to go your separate ways.

Before you know it, SWAT teams are shutting down all the routes out of the city. Soon, there won’t be any way out, but that never stopped you before. If you really want to escape, you’re gonna need a plan–a good one, and one that will allow you to get back your fair share of the money–maybe a little more.

You’ll have to call on some people you can trust–and there aren’t many of them left–and stir up the small time gangs to cause enough ruckus to keep the police occupied. The cops that don’t fall for it might still forget about you, but not for free. Disguises may help, but they don’t fool everyone. Will you escape the city with the most money, or will the police place the city on lockdown before you can escape?

In Escape Plan, players are the thieves, but they may influence the cops' moves every turn. The robbers move on a modular board trying to reach the best spots to recover their loot and escape from the city with more money than the other thieves. The cops are trying to thwart their escape plan — by force if necessary. The players play cards to aid their escape and slow the other players down. The players take actions that allow them to move and to engage gangs, mules, and snitches.

As a tactical game with no direct conflict, it contains asymmetric roles set by missions that players may achieve during the game while avoiding the police. The players' roles as thieves are individual with every player for themselves. In the end, only the player who escapes with the most cash wins.

The game design is influenced by great heist films.

Escape Plan - Official How-to-Play Video
Escape Plan - Review
• 1 Double-sided game board
• 5 Player boards
• 5 Player screens
• 14 City tiles
• 6 Business tiles
• 3 Safe House tiles
• 8 Fixer tiles
• 15 Locker tiles
• 16 Equipment tiles
• 9 Key tokens
• 10 Exit tiles
• 35 Asset tiles
• 5 Rest tokens
• 5 First aid tiles
• 50 Currency tokens
• 6 Patrol cards
• 33 Contact cards
• 9 Escape Plan cards
• 16 Inspector cards
• 2 Exit cost cards
• 10 Handcuff cards
• 5 Player aids
• 16 Solo cards
• 1 Solo board
• 1 Score pad
• 30 wooden Police Officers
• 8 wooden Gang Members
• 6 wooden Gas Cans
• 15 Wound cubes
• 20 Notoriety cubes
• 5 wooden Player Pawns
• 10 wooden Control markers
• 45 Income cubes
• 8 Action discs
• 1 Time marker
• 1 Cloth bag
• 1 Rule book

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