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Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields
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Sale Price: $29.99
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Railways of Great Britain
Our Price: $34.99
Triassic Terror
Our Price: $74.99
Defenders Battlefields is a competitive fantasy battle game for 2 to 4 players. In the game, one side takes the role of the Dark Lord's invading army and minions while the other side represents the heroes and forces defending the Realm. The battles are fast and furious as players place minions and heroes onto the battlefields and attack their opponents using a variety of abilities and special skills. The winner is the first side that is victorious on the agreed-upon number of battlefields.

Players: 2 or 4
Time: 15 - 45 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
Railways of Great Britain

Railways of Great Britain is an exciting new expansion for the Railways of the World board gaming system, featuring a board of Great Britain! You will need the pieces from Railways of the World (track, city tiles, bonds, money, empty city markers, trains and first player marker) to play Railways of Great Britain.

It is mid-19th century Great Britain. The tramways that first appeared to transport coal have since been upgraded to railways. Numerous different companies (using different railway gauges) have connected to villages, towns and cities across the country. Invest wisely and guide your railroad to financial success as you take control of the Railways of Great Britain.
Starting with just one herd in the steamy Triassic Swamp, players must make wise choices to grow new herds and guide their migration across the four pre-historic landscapes.
Masters Gallery
Our Price: $25.99
Build a thriving civilization--in under an hour! Collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your growing population. Grab those dice and Roll Through the Ages in this addictive and strategic game.
Starting with just one herd in the steamy Triassic Swamp, players must make wise choices to grow new herds and guide their migration across the four pre-historic landscapes.

In Masters Gallery, the players are art critics and gallery owners. All have their own favorite artist in this pantheon of greatsóor at least they do until the game begins. Tastes and opinions about each artistís commercial value change constantly in the world of Old Masters art. No one has more influence on those values than the players in this game. Which player will exert the most influence? Who will best anticipate these changing tastes and opinions, and thus assemble the highest-valued collection of these masterpieces? The cards in this game feature 30 of the most beautiful pieces of art ever created by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Degas and Vermeer. Over the course of four rounds, players use these cards to establish the relative value of each artistís body of work. Unique mechanics and ingenious design make the gameplay unpredictable and even more fun every time you play. Revel in the beauty of Old Masters art, while enjoying the intriguing game of Masters Gallery. Note: Gameplay is the same as Modern Art: The Card Game.

Railways of the World
Our Price: $79.99
Zong Shi
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $49.99
You save $20.00!
This is the base game for Eagle Games' popular railroad series and includes the engine placards, railroad tiles, train tokens, money, bonds, and other items that will be needed in almost all "Railways of _____" games. The gameboard depicting the eastern half of the United States, is included in the base game. The map of Mexico gameboard is also included in this base game as an introductory map for new/beginner players. Karesansui ~The Rock Garden~
In a large town in old China, several talented artisans, Masters in their own right, aspire to become recognized as Zong Shióthe Grand Master craftsman. You are one of these Master artisans, and together with your Apprentice, you are competing with the other Masters to attain this elevated status in the town. To succeed, youíll have to impress the townspeople with your skills. How will you do it? Will you acquire a specialistís mastery over certain material, or will you enlarge your workshop? Will you create a large number of smaller projects or will you build fewer, but greater, masterworks? That is for you to decide

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