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Warage: Card Game (Dent & Ding)

Warage: Card Game (Dent & Ding)

Our Price: $19.99 Warage is the ultimate turn-based strategic card g
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Designer: Luca Grasso, Pietro Puglisi

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Dent & Ding - Minor damage or crease on cover. There is no damage to contents inside of the box.

Warage is the ultimate turn-based strategy card game: role play, strategy and deck building merged together for endless adventure.

Each Hero starts the game with 100 Hit Points (HP) and in order to play any card you have to pay its cost in HP. During your round you can equip your Hero with the items you have in your hand of cards; and, you can attack your opponent(s) through Physical and Magic Attacks.

Create your Hero choosing one of the Class cards and one of the Race cards available and construct your deck (48+ cards) making selections from any of the more than 110 existing cards. Deck building and "RPG attitude" together. Welcome to Warage!

Warage Description

Warage is a strategy, non-collectible card game. It was developed by a group of gamers that merged deck building and role-playing into an inexpensive, reliable, easy-to-play game that is also a strategically deep and complete card game for anyone. You will be able to play without being caught in chasing super-pricy cards or expensive events.

In Warage there are 3 Classes (Warrior, Paladin & Mage) and 4 Races (Humans, Elves, Orcs & Angels), each with unique abilities. You have all 327 cards that make up the Warage universe, which allow you to build your deck to create your strategy. You are the Hero! Equip yourself with the most powerful combination of weapons, armors, shields, spells, trinkets and other special equipment. Surprise your opponent with your Flash Effect cards and use the four Seasons to your advantage. Play to win in 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 or team battle game. If you are the last Hero standing, you win!

Beginnerís guide
4 regular dice
327 total cards including:
4 decks (50 cards each, including 1 Race card and 1 Class card) [200 total cards]
1 seasons deck (20 Season cards: 5x each Season card) [20 total cards]
107 additional cards (23 Amulet cards, 1x each; 29 Equipment/Helper/Spell/Flash cards, 3x each) [107 total cards]

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