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The Sackson Legacy Collection (Red)

The Sackson Legacy Collection (Red)

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1-5 Players
Ages 14+
20-45 Minutes
Designer: Sid Sackson

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Description Specifications Rulebooks & Downloads
The Red Edition includes the following 3 games

In Cinema the players are movie producers in the Golden Era of Hollywood attempting to make
the next box office smash hit. But you must find the right script and book the best talent. To do this, you’ll have to negotiate with the other players as they try to land roles for the Talent cards they have in your upcoming film. Finally, after all of the movies have been completed, the awards for best cinematic features are given out, and the player that makes the most money wins!

In Dig Site, the players are archaeologists trying to collect colored sets of artifacts. The more of the same type of artifact you have
in your collection, the more valuable the set. But, you must plan your moves carefully. Each time a player makes a move, it limits the available options for their opponent. Once the players run out of options, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!

Bowling Solitaire follows the same format as tenpin bowling. The player will play ten frames, bowling up to two throws in each
frame, attempting to knock over as many pins as possible. After the completion of a frame, the score is tallied, and all the cards are re-shuffled in order to set up the ten pins and ball decks anew. To start the first throw of a frame, select one of the face-up cards on your ball piles to “bowl” at the pins. Each ball card can knock over 1-3 pins from the layout.

Back Story on the Sackson Legacy Collection
The brief version of the back story of these games begins with a trip that the EGG Team and friends took to the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York six years ago. We read about 20 years of Sid Sackson's diaries and noted the games he was particularly enthused about -- which had never been published. We then combed through the Strong's archives of Sackson's rules and prototypes and found about a dozen titles that gave us enough information to consider re-vitalizing them and developing them into currently-publishable titles. More details are covered on the box and in the rules about this process. The end result, six years later, is this anthology of six titles, most of which have never been published before. We think they demonstrate Sid's creative and innovative genius; and the variety of games he designed and re-designed; and the mechanics that he developed which were later used by many more designers in more recent games.


  • 36 Talent Cards
  • 24 Movie Script Cards
  • 88 Review Cards
  • 6 Award Tokens
  • 20 Genre Tokens
  • 78 Money Cards
  • 5 Player Aid Cards
  • Rules

Dig Site
  • 4 Trowel Tokens
  • Game Board
  • 36 Assorted Gems
  • Rules

Bowling Solitaire
  • 20 Bowling Cards
  • 50 page score pad
  • Rules