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Pergamon (Second Edition)

Pergamon (Second Edition)

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2 - 4
45-60 minutes
Designer: Stefan Dorra, Ralf zur Linde
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Pergamon is a tactical collecting game with a theme based on excavating archaeological discoveries and managing their exhibition.

Set in the year 1878, the first excavations in what is now modern Turkey are uncovering the remains of ancient Pergamon. Soon the precious discoveries will make their way abroad to public exhibitions before a waiting audience, eliciting substantial honor and glory.

The players attempt to gain federal research grants to cover the costs of their excavations through a bidding mechanism. Whoever is modest and less demanding can travel to the excavating areas before his or her competitors, and the rule is first come, first dig. Only fragments will remain for the later expeditions. Recovered treasures are placed in valuable exhibitions, for which the discoverer receives glory and recognition.

The player who accumulates the most glory after 12 rounds wins the game.

The combination of soliciting funds and racing for the best locations to excavate makes Pergamon a variable game with rules that are easily accessible. Players are forced to make choices based on the money they can obtain and the sequence in which they choose where to dig.

Pergamon (Second Edition) Game Board

In this new second edition of Pergamon, we have updated the game board to provide more emphasis on rounds 1-3, and have included a cloth bag for drawing artifact tiles, a brand new Antiquities Trading mini expansion, and custom shaped meeples.

Custom meeples, cloth bag, Exceptional Artifact tiles, wooden Sundial round marker, and Trade tokens for the Antiquities Trading mini expansion

Renowned BGG Reviewer Enders Game says of Pergamon, Second Edition:

Why am I excited about the upcoming second edition? Well, firstly because this basically takes what is already a successful game, and keeps what's good about it, while fine-tuning some elements that could use some upgrades. The original game was very good to begin with, and not much about it showed a need for further polish. But with the second edition it has received all that and more. So it's a proven game that we already know is solid, but now made even better.

Pergamon (Second Edition) - How to Play