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Im The Boss! (Pre-Order)

I‘m The Boss! (Pre-Order)

2023 Edition
Our Price: $39.99
3-6 Players
Ages 14+
60+ Minutes
Designer: Sid Sackson
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Product Code: 102418

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We estimate that Pre-Orders will ship in Nov/Dec 2023

The new edition of I'm the Boss features updated art and rules.

Do you really want to be the Boss?
Yes, you do -- so that you can close mega deals and amass a fortune!

You will start this game as the Leader of a specialist Investor Team who wants to participate in lots of deals. Whenever possible, you also want to be the Boss who controls and closes those deals. But of course all your fellow Investors have the same goal. You will need to be flexible, and willing to change specialties when necessary. Negotiate and insinuate your way into as many deals as possible.
ake charge and Be The Boss!

I'm the Boss! has every player trying to make a deal. Up to fifteen deals can be made over the course of the game, but every player cannot be part of every deal. . . so let the negotiations and the FUN begin!

Each player who is part of a successful deal will receive a certain amount of money. Just how much money they earn depends upon the deal agreed to between the players and the Boss for that round. Complications arise as each player uses their action cards to derail negotiations, insert themselves into a deal, take over the role of boss, and otherwise muck up the smooth flow of deal-making that other players had hoped to achieve.

The action is lively and unscripted so make the best deal that you can! Once nine deals have been made, a die is rolled after each subsequent deal to determine if the game ends (with the odds increasing each time). Victory goes to whoever has the biggest bankroll.


  • 15 Deal placards
  • 1 Die
  • 6 Investor placards
  • 1 Marker
  • 98 Influence cards
  • 1 Game board
  • 110 Cash cards
  • 1 Rulebook