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Fantastiqa: Expansions - #9 Audacious Artifacts

Fantastiqa: Expansions - #9 Audacious Artifacts

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Designer: Alf Seegert

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These artifacts can be used to expand your Fantastiqa game! These artifact cards will help your imagination soar like a flying carpet and help your character soar to victory! This set contains all 18 cards in the set

At the beginning of the game, shuffle all Audacious Artifact cards into the Artifacts deck. As always, include all and only those artifact cards you enjoy playing with - that includes including or removing cards from the base set as well. You might want to change the cards you include each game. The artifacts are:

Cassens’ Uncanny Clasp of Unfastening (Cost: 4 Gems): Choose one card from your hand or discard pile and tuck it part-way beneath your current Region. A player who ends his turn in this Region must add this card to his discard pile.

The Complete Troll-Gurgles of Beng Erber (Cost: 3 Gems): Discard as many cards from your hand as you wish, and then draw that many more again.

Dozer’s Deranged Digging Stick (Cost: 4 Gems): Draw five cards from your draw deck and keep two. Discard the others.

Ender’s Tollbooth of Never-Ending Adventure (Cost: 4 Gems): Travel to the Region most distant from your current location. (If more than one Region ties, choose either one.)

The Ever-Clucking Chicken Cup of Rahdo’s Bravado (Cost: 4 Gems): Subdue any adjacent single-symbol Creature card and then travel to the Region just beyond it.

Paco’s Paranormal Pencilbox (Cost: 4 Gems): Draw one Beast card and add it to your hand.

The Summerer’s Guide to Winter Wonderland (Cost: 3 Gems): If you are in the Frozen Wastelands, draw one Artifact or one Beast card and add it to your hand.

Tox’s Ill-Tempered Tortoise of Directed Rigor Mortis (Cost: 4 Gems): Choose one card in your hand or discard pile and remove it from play.

Vasel’s Disconcerting Dice of Mischievous Melody (Cost: 4 Gems): Add an additional +1 Point Bonus Token to any Open Quest. (Limit: 3 Tokens total on any Open Quest.)