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Fantastiqa: Expansions - #6 The Abandoned Abbey

Fantastiqa: Expansions - #6 The Abandoned Abbey

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Designer: Alf Seegert

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Product Code: 101417-101543-101542

Press your luck to find treasure and glory by exploring the eerie Abandoned Abbey! Shuffle all the Abandoned Alley cards into a single deck on the lower open quest space on the table. In the game, you will still put out two Open Quests at a time as usual, along with +1 Bonus tokens, but these cards will now go side-by-side in the upper space.

Use the Abandoned Abbey Quest Goal cards instead of the regular Quest Goals! To win the game using the Abandoned Abbey expansion, you must acquire the number of Quest points shown on the Quest Goal PLUS the number of Abandoned Abbey cards indicated on it. Fulfill the conditions of any single line on the Quest Goal to win -- the game can be won using fewer Quest Points and more Abandoned Abbey cards, or vice-versa.