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Fantastiqa: Expansions - #4 Curious Companions & Rarest Relics

Fantastiqa: Expansions - #4 Curious Companions & Rarest Relics

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Designer: Alf Seegert

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Product Code: 101417-101543-101541

This set includes two expansions for the Fantastiqa series: Curious Companions and Rarest Relics.

Curious Companions
: Tucked away inside the Beast Bazaar is a Cantina crammed with Curious companions. They will happily aid you on your adventure -- for a price! Curious companions have two ability symbols displayed in the upper-left corner of the card, of two different types. When Adventuring and Completing quests, you may use either or both symbols shown on the card. The expansion contains 18 Curious Companion cards and 1 Curious Companion token.

Rarest Relics: Hidden in the attic of the Artifact Tower is a secret stash of arcane lore -- and itís now for sale! Rarest Relics work exactly like regular Artifacts, but with more powerful effects -- and greater expense. Play a Rarest Relics card from your hand as a Free Action. The expansion contains 7 Rarest Relic cards and 1 Rarest Relic token.