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Dawn: Expansion - Nimbus Tribe (unpainted)

Dawn: Expansion - Nimbus Tribe (unpainted)

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Designer: Ben Boersma

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The Nimbus Tribe Expansion
contains everything you need to add a player to, and expand the world of, your Dawn: Rise of the Occulites

Nimbus Tribe Expansion Contents:
  • 5 Nimbus mini's - plastic (Not Painted)
  • 10 Nimbus Objective Cards
  • 10 Nimbus Natural Selection Deck Cards
  • 5 Nimbus Individual Player Boards (1 for each Nimbus Figure)
  • 14 Tokens (5 Nimbus Tribal Tokens, 3 Hidden Tokens and 6 Nymphlet Tokens - (1 ea. Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow)
  • 2 Terrain Overlays (Elevated)
  • 1 Reference Board

Despite their appearance, the Nimbus Occulites are a mostly peaceful sub-species who keep to themselves. Not many other Tribes would dare to try and take mountainous land from them. It would be far too dangerous. The Nimbus Tribes only take what they need, but when the temperature drops and food becomes scarce, they are forced to move further away from their mountains, into other Tribesí land, conducting raids for equipment and resources. They communicate with other Tribes through similar eyestalk movements that have been observed before. Amongst themselves though, they communicate through a series of chirps, whistles and clicks. More recently, Darwin has observed them doing what can only be described as dancing. Jumping and gliding around Lumino Trees with their feathers ruffled and large flowers in their hands. He believes that it might be some form of Tribal dance to attract Nymphlets.

Nimbus Occulites are traditionally a little weaker in straight hand to hand combat due to their low bone density and as such adpot a more hit and run style of fighting. They like to swoop in and attack from above before making a quick get away. Nimbus Occulites have also been documented as grabbing things in their talons and dropping them onto the enemy or even picking up the enemy themselves! Tricky and fast, the Nimbus Occulites fight with a very different style to other sub-species. The Nimbus Tribes fashion axes from Snow Gum-like tree branches and chiseled stones, held fast by tight vines or reeds. Combined with a swooping charge, these axes can deliver a powerful force that makes the very rocks themselves tremble.

Historical Notes:
Nimbus are the fourth species of Occulite that was witnessed by Darwin. Early on when Charles Bruce first took Darwin to the Ridge, Darwin found the first Nimbus Occulite Tribe doing battle there. This Tribe had the Orange-bellied Parrot colouration and Darwin kept a close eye on it from then on, regularly visiting the location.

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