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Dawn: Expansion - Floris Tribe (unpainted)

Dawn: Expansion - Floris Tribe (unpainted)

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Our Price: $24.99
2 or 4
60+ mins
Designer: Ben Boersma

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The Floris Tribe Expansion
includes everything you need to add another player to, and expand the world of, your Dawn: Rise of the Occulites base game!

Floris Tribe Expansion Contents:

  • 5 Floris mini’s - plastic (Not Painted)
  • 10 Floris Objective Cards
  • 10 Floris Natural Selection Deck Cards
  • 5 Floris Individual Player Boards (1 for each Floris Figure)
  • 19 Tokens (5 Floris Tribal Tokens, 5 Drunmoth Egg/Baby Drunmoth Tokens, 3 Hidden Tokens and 6 Nymphlet Tokens - (1 ea. Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow)
  • 3 Floris Terrain Overlays (Tree)
  • 2 Drunmoth Overlays
  • Reference Board

Tribe Description:

Behaviour: Floris Occulites are known as savage and brutal and this is almost an understatement. They do not tolerate other Tribes and will immediately attack Occulites that venture into their territory. They are very aggressive and often deliberately make incursions into other Tribe’s land just to spark a battle. Their thoughts are usually on battle or other forms of fighting and as such, they have little time for the more mundane aspects of survival. For this, they rely heavily on Luftles to do their bidding. Luftles within a Floris Tribe are not often there by choice, but are captured from the wilds or even from another Tribe and forced into work. It is not uncommon to see Luftles sneaking away from their Tribe given the opportunity, even if the chances of actually getting away are rather slim. Floris Occulites usually communicate through a series of grunts and howls, but when stealth is more important, rely mainly on eyestalk movements and hand gestures.

Warfare: Floris Occulites enjoy and actively seek battles and confrontations in all its forms. Floris are known for their excessive brute-like force, throwing their bodies into a fight with little regard to their safety, but there are many who also relish the stealthy side of a fight. This often includes setting traps and springing ambushes, using camouflage and their knowledge of the area to help them do so effectively. Besides their bare hands, the weapon of choice for a Floris Occulite is usually something that reflects the nature of their blunt force. In most cases this is in the form of a one handed flail. The handles for these are made of short lengths of sturdy wood with a series of vines or rope that are lashed to the top of the handle. At the end of the vines or rope is a heavy stone, cradled in amongst the vines. The weapon is swung above the head, creating an eerie whirring noise that can be heard from a distance away. This whirring has been observed to create distractions or misdirections that allow the Floris Occulites to make hugely effective flanking attacks on creatures, predators and other Occulite Tribes.

Historical Notes: Floris Occulites were the third species of Occulites observed by Darwin when he saw one being chased by a Puscual. At the time he was unaware that it was a trap set by the Tribe. But Darwin’s compassion for the creature caused him to injure his finger while trying to come to the Occulite’s aid.

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