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Fantastiqa: Individual Expansions

Fantastiqa: Individual Expansions

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Choose from 9 additional expansions for Fantastiqa.

Fantastiqa base game is required to play.
List Price: $12.99
Our Price: $7.99
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Price with Selected Options: $7.99
Designer: Alf Seegert

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Product Code: 101417-101543

Fantastiqa: Expansions*:

#1 Treasure Hunter

In the Treasure Hunt Expansion for Fantastiqa, you stumble upon a curious collection of Treasure Maps. Use these maps—-and your dog-—to dig up mysterious treasures all over Fantastiqa! A new Victory Cup Quest is also added to the game (more on this exciting Quest below...)

12 Treasure Map cards (2 for each Region)
14 Mystery Tokens (see details below)
12 +1 Point Bonus Tokens

#2 Special Delivery

This expansion for Fantastiqa lets you become an Adventurer for Hire! Special Delivery cards reward your Adventurers for performing escort and delivery missions to Regions all over Fantastiqa. Special Deliveries may not always be glamorous, but the pay is good!

18 Special Delivery Cards (3 per terrain type; all 18 cards have unique flavor text)
8 +1 Point Bonus Tokens

#3 Fantastical Events

The #3 Fantastical Events Expansion contains 24 extra cards -- all EVENTS -- to make your adventures in FANTASTIQA that much more fantastical. These cards are combined with the Creature Card deck at the beginning of the game.

#4 Curious Companions & Rarest Relics

Curious Companions: Tucked away inside the Beast Bazaar is a Cantina crammed with Curious companions. They will happily aid you on your adventure -- for a price! Curious companions have two ability symbols displayed in the upper-left corner of the card, of two different types. When Adventuring and Completing quests, you may use either or both symbols shown on the card. The expansion contains 18 Curious Companion cards and 1 Curious Companion token.

Rarest Relics: Hidden in the attic of the Artifact Tower is a secret stash of arcane lore -- and it’s now for sale! Rarest Relics work exactly like regular Artifacts, but with more powerful effects -- and greater expense. Play a Rarest Relics card from your hand as a Free Action. The expansion contains 7 Rarest Relic cards and 1 Rarest Relic token.

#5 Wild Goose Chase, Espresso Dragons, & Exclusive Artifacts

The Wild Goose Chase Expansion: It’s frustrating to watch an opponent fulfill Quest after Quest unhindered. It makes you wish you could send him off on a Wild Goose Chase instead... Now you can! The Goose token is a Treasure token which can be used as a Free Action on your turn to temporarily thwart an opponent! The expansion contains 4 Goose Tokens and 1 Goose standee with base.

The Espresso Dragons Expansion: Tea is relaxing. Espresso is energizing! Fantastiqa’s Dragons now serve both! The espresso dragon tokens are Treasure Tokens that players can use to gain extra actions. The expansion contains 6 Espresso Dragon cards (Events) and 12 Espresso Tokens (Treasure Tokens).

The Exclusive Artifacts Expansion: Exciting new artifacts to add to your Artifact Tower. Cards with a cost of 2 Gems are also included as new Starting Artifact cards. The expansion contains 14 Artifact cards.

#6 The Abandoned Abbey

Press your luck to find treasure and glory by exploring the eerie Abandoned Abbey! Shuffle all the Abandoned Alley cards into a single deck on the lower open quest space on the table. In the game, you will still put out two Open Quests at a time as usual, along with +1 Bonus tokens, but these cards will now go side-by-side in the upper space.

Use the Abandoned Abbey Quest Goal cards instead of the regular Quest Goals! To win the game using the Abandoned Abbey expansion, you must acquire the number of Quest points shown on the Quest Goal PLUS the number of Abandoned Abbey cards indicated on it. Fulfill the conditions of any single line on the Quest Goal to win -- the game can be won using fewer Quest Points and more Abandoned Abbey cards, or vice-versa.

#7 Fantastiqal Landscape
Three new interlocking expansions for Fantastiqa, by Alf Seegert.

You’ve overheard a secret at a tea party of talkative fairies! If you combine three Gems of identical color, they will magically transform into a valuable Cloud Crystal!

The Castle in the Air is an exotic, exclusive, and largely inaccessible Region of Fantastiqa, filled with all conceivable Artifacts, Beasts and works of fine art. A special Flying Carpet service is eager to convey you to its cloudy abode.... if you have the Cloud Crystals to pay for admission!

Four of Fantastiqa’s Peaceful Dragons have just returned from Art School at Academie Fantastiqa, eager to paint the landscapes of Fantastiqa and exhibit their work at the Castle in the Air! (In exchange for a nominal payment from their patron, of course.) Begin your new Quest as Fantastiqa’s patron of the arts!
#8 6 Character Bundle

Due to popular demand, we have added six new characters to the Fantastiqa series. Each of these characters is fully compatible with either Fantastiqa Enchanted or Rucksack editions.

Each character set consists of 9 playing cards; a 4" by 4" placard; and the character standee for moving around the world of Fantastiqa.

#9 Audacious Artifacts

These artifacts can be used to expand your Fantastiqa game! These artifact cards will help your imagination soar like a flying carpet and help your character soar to victory! This set contains all 18 cards in the set

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